enhanced trading solutions


The connection between data and trade decisions

Better and higher

Trading Infrastructure

  • Developer-first infrastructure for the Turkish electricity market (EPIAS)

  • Standard algorithmic trading models for training purposes

  • Tailor made algorithms using propriety data and direct access to market

  • Integration with your own primary service provider

scale and thrive

Forecast Infrastructure

  • A forecast hub to standardize submissions and automate reporting

  • Forecast boosting with market insights

  • Forecast to decision algorithms

  • Benchmark forecast models for training

unlimited potential

Forecast Hub

Scale to tens of forecast providers and select the best. Forecast Hub allows its users to get forecasts through API integrations, forcing all submissions into a standardized format. It also automates evaluation and reporting.

Forecast to decision

Forecast Boost

Is there a connection between your forecasts and market conditions? Forecast Boost takes your forecasts and converts them into informed decisions using market insight and statistical distributions.

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Other services

  • Data and information services (use the contact form for details)

  • On-prem integration and infrastructure services for our products

  • Custom trading algorithm development

  • eptr2: Open-source package to access EPIAS Transparency services

  • santral: Statistics about production facilities in Turkey

  • Newsletter: Substack newsletter about electricity markets and data. (Turkish)

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